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Developement of Employees of the company

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Project Description:

The project of the RODOS kovo, s.r.o. company is focused on improving the qualifications
and professional knowledge of the company´s employees.

Previously there were carried out various job trainings in the context of limited financial resources, particularly trainings in professional skills, internal education and trainings within the compulsory of law. Other trainings were realized only randomly. In today's competitive environment the success of the company stands on the present employees and their skills and knowledge. For this reason, the project aims to develop in all the aspects – from professionalism, language, PC to soft skills. The target group of the project consists of the majority of employees throughout the company.

In total the project involves 10 employees of the RODOS kovo s.r.o. company from all areas of administration, sale and production.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • to increase the knowledge and education level of employees
  • to increase the skills, productivity and professionalism of the staff
  • to increase professionalism when dealing with customers
  • to develop the managerial skills of company executives
  • to develop IT skills of selected employees of the company
  • to strengthen the language skills of selected employees of the company
  • to enhance the professionality of maintenance workers
  • to upgrade the current system of education

Specific project activities:

  • project initiation, presentation of the project implementation including the realization team to the participating employees
  • acquisition of equipment and facilities for teaching
  • implementation of individual courses

/ Management Academy
/ Master in manufacturing
/ IT skills - Welding courses
/ Education for toolmakers
/ Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
/ Language education and training for accountants

  • Participation of employees in selected open course
  • Interim and final evaluation of the project, continuous monitoring and project management.

Objective of the project:

The project aims to develop the skills required of employees, increase their adaptability and competitiveness of the company itself.

Implementor of the project:

RODOS kovo, s. r. o.
ID: 63484668
Street: Zahradní 993
City: Velké Meziříčí
Zip code: 594 01
Country: Czech Republic

Contact person:

Vojtěch Pacal, 
GSM: +420 603 293 90






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RODOS kovo, s.r.o.

Zahradní 993
Velké Meziříčí 594 01
Czech Republic

telefon  +420 566 524 959




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